Top 10 Biking Trails in the Chicago Area for Commuting

Chicago bike trails for commuting

10. Chicago Riverwalk

  • A scenic route along the Chicago River, ideal for short commutes within the downtown area.

9. South Lakefront Trail

  • Extends from 71st Street to 31st Street, providing a beautiful lakeside ride, perfect for those living in the southern neighborhoods.

8. North Branch Trail

  • A serene path running through forest preserves, connecting the northern suburbs to the city, great for a longer, peaceful commute.

7. Boulevard System

  • A historic network of tree-lined boulevards, offering a quieter alternative to main roads for central and west side commuters.

6. 606 Trail (Bloomingdale Trail)

  • An elevated trail that runs through several northwest neighborhoods, popular for its connectivity and urban views.

5. Humboldt Park Greenway

  • A shorter trail that runs through Humboldt Park, connecting to other major trails and bike lanes in the city.

4. Burnham Greenway

  • A trail that connects Chicago to the suburbs to the south, ideal for longer commutes from places like Calumet City.

3. Major Taylor Trail

  • Named after the famous African American cyclist, this trail connects several south side neighborhoods, providing a direct route downtown.

2. North Shore Channel Trail

  • Follows the North Shore Channel, linking northern suburbs like Skokie and Evanston with the city, offering a scenic and efficient route.

1. Lakefront Trail

  • Stretching 18 miles along Lake Michigan, this is the most popular trail for commuting due to its direct route through the city, stunning views, and access to numerous neighborhoods and downtown.Also learn about the Illinois net metering changes coming in 2025.
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