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How Do I monitor My Solar Panel's Energy Production?

Unlock the full potential of monitoring your LGCY Power solar system’s production through the Enphase Enlighten Application. Access real-time insights into your solar generation by seamlessly downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Following the commissioning and activation of your solar system, navigate to your email inbox, where you’ll find an automated email from Enphase. This email provides all the necessary information to create your account and effortlessly link the app with your LGCY Power system. For more information on how to operate the app, visit and watch the following video

How Do I Get PTO And What Does That Mean?

PTO refers to when your utility company reviews our final solar plans and grants us permission to operate. This allows us to turn the system on.

Does my solar work in the instance of a power outage?

Without a solar battery package, your system will not function during a power outage due to regulations set by utility companies and the government. If a battery package is purchased then the system will be fully functional during an outage as excess energy can be stored and pulled from the battery.

If My Solar Isn’t Fully Offsetting My Electric Bill, What Do I Do?

Solar production isn’t always guaranteed so there will be some months that are better than others. Nevertheless, you can start by reaching out to your energy consultant to discuss solutions to the problem. If you don’t have the contact info of your energy consultant, you can reach out to our customer care department!

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible For The Tax Credit?

In most circumstances, solar customers will be eligible for a 30% tax credit as long as they have a taxable income above $20,000 in the current year. Nevertheless, we are Solar Power Providers and always recommend that you consult with a certified tax professional to determine your individual eligibility.

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