The Savings to Expect With Solar

Solar Power Saves You Money

It’s not easy to pay bills and manage a household these days, with rising costs from just about everything — food to health insurance, school to taxes. But our power bills have surged higher recently, too. In fact, the average electric bill is now $139 per month for the average homeowner, and that might jump 2x or 3x during hot summer months or for larger homes.

While we don’t expect your tax bill to go down any time soon, there is help when it comes to saving money on your electricity and power bills. Solar power is now the #1 way that homeowners can reduce their power bills, helping to balance their budget and live more comfortably.

The vast majority of our clients save dramatically on their power bills, with savings starting the very first day when they flip the switch on their new solar system. How would you like to save $50, $100, or even more on your monthly electric bill? For the average homeowner, that adds up to saving about $1,200 per year just on your energy bills! As we mentioned, many homeowners see even more savings.

It’s clear that the savings are significant when you call LGCY Power, but the financial benefits don’t stop there.

We often see financial incentives like IRS write-offs, tax breaks, and other clean energy rebates or programs that further boost the value of solar. Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for state tax credits, federal investment tax credit (ITC), and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs).

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