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If you’re like most people, receiving your electric bill in the mail may not be a reason to celebrate. But imagine if you actually looked forward to receiving your electric bill every month, opening it and feeling proud at how much you saved? That can be a reality with solar power.

There are many great benefits to going solar at home, and we’ll cover some of them here:

  • Go solar with no money out-of-pocket — Of course, you want savings, but you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money just to get started. In the past, getting a solar system at home usually meant a big loan or down payment. But with LGCY Power, we can install a complete, state-of-the-art solar system at your home with NO money out of pocket!
  • The savings start from day one — Once we install new solar panels on your roof, you won’t have to wait days, weeks, or months to see the savings. And you won’t have to wait for a break-even point years away, because your savings will start on Day 1! Once we flip the switch on your new solar system, you’ll start saving money right away.
  • And what savings it is! — Most of our solar homeowners save 40% – 60% or more off of their power bills. With the average US household electric bill reaching $139 in 2020 (and sometimes up to 2x or 3x that in hot summer months!), home solar system savings isn’t just a nice bonus – it’s a financial necessity.
  • Tax benefits — The savings don’t stop with your electric bills. Residential solar incentives extend to tax breaks, IRS write-offs, and other clean energy programs that may help you keep more money in your pocket. From the federal investment tax credit (ITC) to possible state tax credits and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), it’s worth looking into these tax credits or deductions.


Choose the solar plan that works best for you!

Solar Purchase

Purchase your solar panels and wipe our your power bill.

System Owner: You
  • No monthly payment

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty

  • Benefits from tax credits and incentives


Solar Loan

Finance your purchase with an affordable monthly payment plan.

System Owner: You
  • Lower than utility monthly payment

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty

  • Benefits from tax credits and incentives


Solar Lease

Lease equipment for no money down.

System Owner: Solar Company
  • No Monthly payment to LGCY Power

  • Maintenance options available

  • Product & workmanship warranty

  • Benefits from tax credits and incentives


Solar PPA

Go Solar with no upfront costs. Pay only for the power you produce.

System Owner: Solar Company
  • Locked in rate. Lower than utility monthly payment.

  • Maintenance, monitoring and insurance.

  • Product & workmanship warranty

  • Benefits from tax credits and incentives



Still have questions? Explore our Knowledge Guides. These in-depth articles will help you make informed decisions.



  • Solar helps clean up the environmentPerhaps the most important item on our list of home solar system benefits is the help to the environment. Going solar makes a significant positive impact on our world. Did you know that solar energy in just one home will save 1,840 trees and 24,660 gallons of water over ten years? And over the course of your 30-mortgage, a LGCY Power solar system will save 5,220 trees and 82,200 gallons of water! Go green AND save money with LGCY Power.
  • No maintenance worries — Since you don’t have to actually purchase your solar panels and system, you also don’t need to worry about maintenance. For some qualified clients and when available, LGCY Power can come out to maintain your solar system, make any necessary repairs, and even provide 24/7 monitoring. We partner with the best solar installers and manufacturers in the world and stand behind every one of our solar systems.
  • Getting started is surprisingly easy — Getting started with solar couldn’t be easier and more convenient. Just contact us, and we’ll explain the process and make an appointment for one of our Energy Consultants to come to your home. They’ll provide a free solar assessment, take a look at your roof, and make sure you’re qualified to save money with a new solar system. They’ll answer all of your questions, go over the numbers, and talk about the process and timelines.

Start now and you can probably have solar on your roof and start saving by the time your next electric bill was supposed to be due. Schedule a consultation today!


LGCY Power is the nation’s premier solar company, serving smart homeowners who want to transition to solar power. Solar is the lynchpin of the clean energy revolution, with hundreds of thousands of homeowners now saving money with solar at home. LGCY Power is leading the solar revolution, making the process of going solar a smooth, efficient, and highly lucrative experience.



We always thought solar was a good idea. It wasn’t until Lgcy power knocked on our door that we realized how easy it was to do. We love our solar and the savings, we also think the customer service is outstanding.

Xin L.
Arroyo Grande, California

I signed up for solar to be installed on our home and definitely one of our best decisions as a family. The whole solar process was seamless and swift. My LGCY rep was very informative and kept me updated for each stage of the process.

John L.
Las Vegas, Nevada

I love my solar, it looks cool, it saves us money and my little girls know the importance of helping the environment.

Katia S.
Apopka, Florida



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