Residential Solar System installation process explained

Congratulations on your decision to go solar at home, as you’re looking forward to significant savings on your power bills, as well as helping protect our environment by using clean, renewable energy.

But before you can enjoy the satisfaction of flipping the switch to activate your new solar system, there are a few steps to the installation process you should understand.

As the nation’s premier solar provider, LGCY Power is here to answer your important questions and guide you every step of the way, ensuring your new solar system is installed seamlessly so you can start saving!

How The Solar Panel Installation Process Works

There are several important steps to the process of installing a new solar system at home. That starts with meeting with your dedicated LGCY Power solar consultant, who will outline all your options, including financing.

Next, we’ll come out and conduct a thorough site assessment, with a careful inspection of your roof, property, and other conditions. With that, we’ll be able to develop a detailed solar blueprint, outlining the best possible solar system for maximum efficiency and savings.

With that blueprint, we’ll get your full sign-off, or Design Approval, giving us the green light to submit paperwork for permits and soon scheduling your install.

Here’s what to expect during the installation process:


Once the permits are approved, we can schedule your actual install. We partner with the absolute best solar installers in the industry, ensuring you’ll end up with top-quality solar panels and equipment, installed right.

Depending on the size and setup of your new solar system, the actual installation may take just one day or two or three days, in which our team will properly prepare your roof and shingles, integrate new wiring into your home’s existing system, mount the roof racks, and, finally, install your new solar panels.

Congrats – you’re almost to the memorable event when you can flip the switch on your brand new solar system and start saving!


As you approach the scheduled day of your solar installation, you – the homeowner – will play an important role in making sure we have a smooth process. Please make sure the yard is free of debris and any equipment, tools, or sporting goods, and it’s a good idea to keep all vehicles in the garage or park them on the street.

For safety reasons, it’s also wise to limit the number of people coming in and out of the home while workers are on the roof, and ask your install team if there’s anything else they need based on your property and site design.

The solar installers work hard and are the best professionals in the industry, so they’ll communicate and ensure any of your concerns are met. And remember that installing solar panels is hard, hot work, so feel free to offer them a cold glass of water for a job well done!


When it’s all done, your state-of-the-art solar system will be fully integrated and operational. With your aesthetically pleasing new solar panels and huge energy savings, you’ll probably be the talk of your friends, family, and neighbor. LGCY Power looks forward to helping them, too, as well as maintaining our solar relationship with you and your family through the years.

But please don’t forget to take photos or video of the moment you flip the switch, activating your new solar system and starting the big savings!

Additional Questions About Installation?

Call Us! We’d be happy to clarify any details about the installation process!

Contact your local representative or search for a representative near you.

Your representative will be your “Point Person” through the entire process.

The Solar Panel Installation is very straightforward and designed to keep you informed. The bottom line is we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have questions, or simply want to understand the process in greater detail – please contact us by calling:




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I signed up for solar to be installed on our home and definitely one of our best decisions as a family. The whole solar process was seamless and swift. My LGCY rep was very informative and kept me updated for each stage of the process.

John L.
Las Vegas, Nevada

We want to thank LGCY Power and SunRun for your guidance in acquiring our solar system. Your application process was stress free and very educational, leaving very few questions to ponder. This will no doubt help our budget along with doing our part to help save the planet.

Mary and Michael R.
Las Vegas, Nevada

We have been approached by many companies and none of them made sense to us, until we met Nick Roman at LGCY. He explained solar to us in a way we understood it and we couldn’t be happier with our decision!

Greg S
Phoenix, AZ


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