It’s Time To Activate Your Solar Home

Activating Your Custom Home Solar Power System

The time has finally arrived. The design and installation process is complete, and all the necessary equipment has been inspected by your local municipality. You are ready to activate your very own home solar power system. But, before you can “flip the switch” there are a few important considerations which you should understand.

Getting Permission
to Activate

In the solar power industry, there is an important final step which must be completed before your home solar power system can be activated.

This step is referred to as “acquiring PTO”. PTO is an abbreviation for “Permission to Operate”. After your home solar power system has been inspected and approved for use, an application must be submitted to your local power company. For the most part, local power company’s have their own “review and approval” process, but it’s nothing to worry about. LGCY Power will directly assist you in completing this application and submitting it with the proper documentation.

Final Inspection
and Testing

Your local power company will send personnel to inspect and test your home solar power system to ensure it meets all standard safety protocols. This is usually a straightforward process, and it’s something that every home solar power system owner must allow.

This inspection verifies that your system can connect effectively to the power grid, without complications or technical issues. Safety first – particularly when it comes to home electrical systems.

Flipping The Switch

Once the approval and inspection process are complete, there isn’t much more you need to do. Depending on the system you installed, transitioning your home to solar power can be as simple as flipping a breaker, or activating a power converter.

LGCY Power takes great pride in supporting our customers during the activation process, because after all, this is what we do – make the dream of producing your own solar energy a reality. When your panels are producing energy, you’re contributing to a healthier and more sustainable ecosystem. And that’s something you deserve to kick back and enjoy.

If you have questions about the final step of the home solar panel activation process, remember – your LGCY Power rep is there to help and guide you. Never hesitate to reach out and ask a question. We’re here to help you make the most of your home solar power system.

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