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Greg S

We have been approached by many companies and none of them made sense to us, until we met Nick Roman at LGCY Power. He explained solar to us in a way we understood it and we couldn’t be happier with our decision!

Judy A

For years I was stressed about my electric bill as I like to be comfortable in the summer with air, and running my pool and jacuzzi are quite expensive. After meeting with Ashton Buswell from LGCY Power, he quickly showed me how much money I can save. He was right…..I was able to get solar AND save over $200 per month.
The financial savings is always a consideration when making a big commitment such as solar however, the customer service and hands-on approach with Ashton and his LGCY Power team are truly why I chose this company. They were responsive with every question along the way, and also told me in advance what to expect.
I am now on year 3 with solar and I have referred my family and numerous friends who echo my sentiments! If you want an honest, professional, loyal, trustworthy, friendly company to deal with, PLEASE consider LGCY Power and Ashton Buswell! You will not be disappointed.

Mary and Michael R.

We want to thank LGCY Power and SunRun for your guidance in acquiring our solar system. Your application process was stress free and very educational, leaving very few questions to ponder. This will no doubt help our budget along with doing our part to help save the planet.

Xin L.

We always thought solar was a good idea. It wasn’t until LGCY Power knocked on our door that we realized how easy it was to do. We love our solar and the savings, we also think the customer service is outstanding.

John L.

I signed up for solar to be installed on our home and definitely one of our best decisions as a family. The whole solar process was seamless and swift. My LGCY Power rep was very informative and kept me updated for each stage of the process.

Shawna C.

When I first got solar panels I was a bit skeptical. I just knew I was about to waste money. Then this pandemic hit and when I got my March electric bill it said $0.00 due. It’s now September. I’m still working, luckily from home, and no electric bill payment still. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in saving money to get solar panels.

Walter D.

I went solar to protect my grandchildren’s world. I am 87 years old and if I can help them breathe easier, live better, that’s my responsibility. LGCY Power was easy to work with, handled everything and we were using the sun in 29 days.

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