What are the Best Solar Panels to Buy for Your Home?

When it comes to investing in both the monthly savings and environmental impact solar can have on your home, the panels themselves are just one part of a complex equation. But not all panels are created equal – some provide higher energy output while others offer better efficiency. Let’s compare and contrast some key points to help you understand more about the panel-picking process.

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Physical Characteristics

You may find it surprising that many of the top solar panel manufacturers are rated highest not necessarily for their panels, but because of their brand name and company standards such as manufacturing quality. In truth, many manufacturers have similar specifications across their product lineups which can make it confusing to understand which ones may be best for you.

Let’s go over some of the things to look for in a solar panel:

  • Material Composition: Most panels are either monocrystalline or polycrystalline; mono panels are more efficient because they are made from a single silicon crystal, where poly panels are made up of a conglomerate of silicon
  • Energy Output: This refers to how much electricity each panel is capable of producing. Higher rated panels are usually physically larger and carry a higher price tag. Most panels offered are in the 300-350 watt range
  • Efficiency: This refers directly to how much sunlight the silicon crystals in each panel converts into electricity – higher is better
  • Warranty Length: most product warranties on workmanship and energy production are between 20 and 25 years

Our installation partners regularly use equipment from some of the best solar panel companies in the industry, including the following:

  • Canadian Solar
  • Hanwha Q Cell
  • LG
  • LONGI Solar
  • Panasonic
  • REC
  • Silfab
  • Solaria

Not all brands or models may be available in your market. Contact a LGCY Power energy consultant to find out which brands are available in your area!

Your System Design Matters, Too

Your solar system is more than just panels on the roof. While you may have some of the best, premium panels on the market, how they are placed and connected can make all the difference in what you save.

When our energy consultants factor in your annual energy usage and present a design to you, they also take into account the equipment used, the roof planes and placement of panels, and potential shading concerns. The design is then vetted by qualified engineers to ensure a good fit to your home and that the equipment selected will meet your energy needs.

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