How Does Net Metering Work?

Electric Meters on the side of a house

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your electric meter, and that’s fine.

But, when you go solar, you want to know about a net meter, which is installed so your utility company can track how much solar electricity is sent to the grid.


Solar Net Metering Credits

During the day, the sun is out, the panels are happily cranking out solar electricity, and your home is using it for TVs, your refrigerator, air-conditioning. If the system produces more electricity than you use, say on a sunny summer afternoon, the extra electricity is sent to the utility grid. The net meter spins backward, and you’re given a credit for that energy.

Do Solar Panels Work in the Dark?

When it’s dark out, and you’re not generating any solar power, you still need to use electricity, so you’ll get it from the electricity grid, and your meter will spin forward to record how much you use.

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