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5 Facts About Solar Energy You Probably Didn’t Know

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Have you considered going solar at home?

Just look around your neighborhood and you’ll see that more and more homes have solar panels on their roofs. But if you’re still using expensive and inefficient traditional utilities, you may not realize that solar power is actually the fastest growing form of clean energy in the world.

Don’t worry—we have plenty of fun facts about solar energy so you can impress your friends and neighbors!

Today, let’s start with these five interesting facts about solar energy:

Going solar really helps our environment and health.

Going solar and breaking our dependence on archaic fossil fuels brings a host of environmental benefits.

For instance, did you know that by curbing pollution, it’s projected that solar power can reduce our health and environmental costs by $167 billion each year? Solar also reduces water scarcity, saving enough water to provide for 1.3 million households annually. Finally, by going solar we could save $259 billion in damages directly linked to climate change just this year.

From the globe to your neighborhood, solar helps clean up the environment, which benefits us all.

Solar saves you a LOT of money – starting from day ONE.

These days, it’s more important than ever for the typical family to save money, and our power bills really add up. In fact, the average household drops $173 per month on their utility bills, including electric, and that could go way higher for bigger homes and in warm weather months.

But with solar from LGCY Power, you can save 40-60% off your traditional power bills, starting from day one. When we’re talking fun facts about solar energy, one of the most important aspects is the savings, all starting when you flip the switch on your brand-new solar system.

Installation is smooth and easy.

Solar is more affordable and saves you more than ever, and the installation process has never been easier. LGCY Power assigns you a dedicated Solar Consultant, who is like your personal solar concierge, leading you through the process, and handling all of the paperwork. LGCY even manages the permits, goes over options, and coordinates the installation.

Homeowners can even opt for maintenance and monitoring services, so going solar at home is not only one of the smartest choices you’ve ever made, but an enjoyable experience.

Renewable energy sources like solar will dominate by 2050.

The solar revolution is here, and it’s set to change the world over the next few decades. In fact, renewable energy sources like wind and especially solar are set to replace the majority of fossil fuels by 2050. (To put that growth in perspective, in 2015, wind and solar made up only seven percent of our global energy usage.)

There are many reasons for this dramatic increase, including improved technology, battery capacity, and infrastructure, but the bottom line is that fossil fuels are just getting more expensive. At the same time, it’s finally dawning on people how cheap, clean, and easy it is to tap into the power of the sun.

Now when your friends ask you, “What are some interesting facts about solar energy?” you’ll be ready!

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  1. Dean Phillips September 12, 2021 at 4:07 am

    I recently had a conversation with my wife last Saturday night where we talked about residential solar energy. We have wanted to get solar panels installed for a while now and this led me to your brilliant article here as I was doing some research online. I am most fond of where you pointed out that when we’re talking fun facts about solar energy, one of the most important aspects is the savings, all starting when you flip the switch on your brand-new solar system. You make a good point here, one I’m sure those like my wife and I will be glad to have known of. I’ll share this with this her in a bit, thank you!

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