45 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

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There are a lot of ways to save money on your electric bill. Our favorite is to go solar with LGCY Power. There are also 40+ other ways you can save electricity and lower your power bill.

  1. Go Solar. Naturally. Save up to 20 percent on your electric bill alone.
  2. Install attic insulation – keep cool in summer and warm in winter.
  3. Use ceiling fans
  4. Use shades, blinds & drapers – keep the sun from overheating your home in summer and open them to let the sun heat your home in winter.
  5. Limit use of portable heaters
  6. Cover bare floors
  7. Turn exhaust fans off
  8. Fix leaky faucets
  9. Install low-flow showerheads
  10. Take shorter showers
  11. Hang light-colored curtains – Keep the sun from overheating your home while letting light in.
  12. Change AC/heating filters monthly
  13. Switch ceiling fan direction – In winter, fans can blow heat down from the ceiling.
  14. Close fireplace dampers – You can also install glass doors to keep warm air in the room
  15. Install a programmable thermostat – Raise the temperature a few degrees to lower the cooling costs, and lower it a few degrees to lower heating costs.
  16. Keep your freezer full – It uses less energy. Consider a gallon container of water to take up space.
  17. Set refrigerator temperature – between 30° and 42°
  18. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances
  19. Run appliances at night
  20. Turn off your dishwasher after washing – Open the door and let your dishes air dry.
  21. Turn exhaust fans off
  22. Use microwaves and toaster ovens. – They use less energy.
  23. Use copper-bottom posts – They heat more efficiently, and use small burners for small pots.
  24. Turn off burners – when food is most ready and let the residual heat finish the cooking.
  25. Plant trees and shrubs – and use awnings outdoors to keep the sun from overheating.
  26. Install energy-efficient windows and doors – Use double-glazing, solar screens and window films.
  27. Close unused vents – and close off unused rooms.
  28. Time your lights – Use a timer to turn lights on in the morning and turn them off when you’re not home.
  29. Don’t block vents.
  30. Unplug electronics – Unplug battery chargers when not charging a device.
  31. Switch to CFL bulbs
  32. Laptops use less electricity than desktops
  33. Use a power strip – and switch off when you’re not using the electronics.
  34. Wash and dry several loads at once – so the dryer doesn’t have a chance to cool down.
  35. Wash with cold water as much as possible.
  36. Air-dry your lightest fabrics.
  37. Look for Energy Star – when buying appliances.
  38. Clean the lint filter after every load.
  39. Install fluorescent tubes in work areas
  40. Insulate hot water pipes – Check for leaks and insulate the first 6 feet.
  41. Repair leaky ducts
  42. Get an insulation wrap for your water heater.
  43. Turn off water heater when going on vacation and install a timer to turn it off when you’re not home during the day.
  44. Lower your water heater to 120°
  45. Grill out more during the summer to keep the oven from heating up your home.
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