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How to Find the Best Solar Panel Installers in Your Area

You’ve decided to install a solar energy system for your home, starting your journey toward significant financial savings and eco-friendly power consumption. There are many benefits to residential solar systems that far outweigh the few disadvantages. However, one of your most difficult decisions is still to come: how do you find an accredited solar installer in your area?

“Solar installers near me” has become a highly popular Google search, and for good reason. Everyone wants a reputable solar panel installer who knows the intricacies involved with residential solar systems in their area. Regardless of whether you choose a large nationwide solar panel installation company or a smaller local solar installer, there are some important aspects you’ll need to explore.

Work With Experienced Solar Panel Installers

First and foremost, you should only work with solar panel installers who have plenty of experience. This often means checking their certifications and accreditations to make sure they’re reputable. The most important certification is from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, or NABCEP. If your solar panel installation provider is accredited by the NABCEP, this means that the company’s solar installers meet national standards and have completed a thorough training program.

NABCEP certification is also an excellent indicator that your chosen solar panel installation company complies with all safety regulations and guidelines. It’s also important to find accredited solar installers who carry sufficient liability insurance. If your solar installer makes a mistake that damages your home or personal property — or, in a worst-case scenario, causes an injury to someone on your property — you need to know that they have enough insurance to cover the damages.

Additionally, accredited solar installers are more likely to know the ins and outs of solar permits in your area. Each state has different requirements for building permits, and there may be additional regulations on the county or municipal levels. Furthermore, a certified solar panel installation company will also know which federal and state solar incentives apply to your home, allowing you to maximize your rebates and tax credits.

In addition to checking certifications, you can also take a look at the Better Business Bureau for your area to see how other customers feel about their experiences with nearby solar installers. The BBB has customer reviews and complaints that you can easily sort through, and you can also see which solar installers have earned their BBB accreditation. While this certification isn’t nearly as important as the NABCEP accreditation, it’s still a convenient way to make sure your chosen installer is reputable.

“How do I find the best solar panel installers near me?” This question is a bit trickier, as it all comes down to your personal preferences as a homeowner. Do you prefer to use a large nationwide solar panel installation company with a long track record and a robust service warranty? Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller, local installer that has lots of experience dealing with your specific state and county government agencies?

Which Type of Solar Installer Best Fits Your Specific Situation?

Before you make this decision, you should analyze which type of company best fits your specific situation. Do you prioritize a company that provides more personalized customer support? Are you looking for a solar installer that has expert knowledge of the local and regional intricacies, including incentives, rebates, and net metering regulations? If so, a local solar installer might be the perfect fit for your needs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a company that has a ton of experience, you might prefer a national solar installation provider. In addition, large companies purchase components in bulk, which allows them to pass on these savings to you.

One way you can find the best solar installers in your area is to simply ask around. Speak to your neighbors and friends who have solar panels and ask them to discuss their experiences with you. These individuals will likely have existing relationships with either national providers or local companies, and they can give you recommendations from personal experience. Speaking from our own experience, LGCY Power gets plenty of business through word-of-mouth referrals — people remember the great service they receive from our reps and want to share that experience with their friends and families. Finding a great company is practically synonymous with finding a great rep.

Ask Local Government For Recommended Solar Installers

Additionally, your county and municipal governments may have some information that can lead you to the best solar installer for your home. Some local government entities will recommend companies in your area for a wide variety of products and services, including solar panel installation. Finally, other professionals who work on your home might have recommendations. For example, asking your electrician or general contractor for advice can often produce high-quality results. After all, if you already trust these people to work on your home, it’s easy to trust the companies they recommend.

Another option is to simply contact local and national solar installation firms yourself. By speaking with their customer support representatives, you can often get a feel for whether they’ll be a good company to work with. If you have further questions, or if you’d like to know more about what LGCY Power has to offer for solar panel installation, contact us at your convenience by calling 855.649.4019.

LGCY Power provides the best of both worlds between large national solar installers and smaller local companies. We are the national leader for residential solar energy systems, and we have more than 500 local solar consultants and strategic partnerships. If you want the experience of a large nationwide company paired with the local expertise of regional service providers, look no further than LGCY Power!

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