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Sun and Solar STEM Experiments for Kids

You may not think a whole lot about the sun most of the time, but you can do a lot more with sunlight than just get sunburn. There are all sorts of fun experiments you can do using the light and heat from the sun, and you can even use it to make electricity! Try out some solar-powered activities on the next sunny day and you could learn a lot about what the sun can do.

Solar Science Experiments for Kids

A board-certified teacher provides directions for three different experiments about sun tea, absorbing and reflecting heat, and converting light into heat.

Capturing the Sun’s Warmth

This website provides information and instructions on an experiment to test different materials to see which material will absorb more of the sun’s heat.

Solar Energy Word Search

Want to get introduced to some new science terms before you jump in and start learning? Check out this easy word search puzzle!

Energy Kids: Riddles

Nothing is better than a good giggle. Share these riddles with your friends so you can all learn something new together.

Make S’Mores With a Solar Oven

Who doesn’t love s’mores? Try making your very own s’mores with the sun as your energy source.

Inside a Solar Cell

Learn about what is inside a solar cell and why it creates electricity.

Solar Power 101: How Does Sunlight Turn Into Electricity?

Watch this video and learn all there is to know about how solar power works.

Solar Power Clicker

Upgrade your solar power grid to generate the most power.

Solar Energy Activity Workbook

Ask your parents to print out these activities for you. You can complete a crossword puzzle or even do a scavenger hunt!

Output of a Solar Cell

Here, you’ll find directions and a video demonstration for an experiment that tests how well solar cells create electricity.

Solar Energy Defenders

Fight off the vampires in this game by using what you know about solar energy to collect energy and keep the vampires out of your school dance!

The “Hot Enough to Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk” Trick

This is a classic experiment that everyone should try at least once! Try your hand at cooking an egg on the sidewalk on a hot day. Do you think it’ll work? Try it and find out!

Experiment on Solar Energy and Colors

Do you think different colors absorb more sun than others? Try this experiment and see which color melts the ice cubes fastest!

Facts About the Sun

Take a break, sit down, and do a quick worksheet to test your knowledge about the sun. You can complete this online or ask your parents to print it.

Solar Car Derby

You’ll find the procedure and a demonstration video to build a solar-powered derby car on this site. Work with your parents to build your own car and discover how solar cells work.

Solar Plane

Time to take flight! Work with your parents to follow the instructions on this website to create a solar-powered plane.

Solar Activities for Students

A few more activities to demonstrate how solar energy works can be found here.


Here, you will find instructions for how to create a sundial. A sundial lets you tell the time using the motion of the sun across the sky.

Make Sun Paper

Like crafts? Try this craft activity and see how similar you can make your paper sun look to the real thing!

Solar Energy Game

Play this game to see how well you understand solar energy.

Solar Cooker

Some experiments have different ways to complete them. Try this variation of the s’mores experiment as an excuse to make more solar s’mores!

Activities Involving Solar Energy

Here are a few more activities, one of which is testing to see if the sun can blow up a white or black balloon!

Solar Energy Activities

Need a new night light? Try making your own! Follow the instructions on this site to create your very own solar-powered night light.

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