Solar Panel Installation In Lehi, UT

If you’re interested in solar panel installation in Lehi, UT, you’ll likely want to know how much energy you can expect from the system. The power that any given residential solar system can generate largely depends on how much sunlight the panels get on average.

Solar Energy in Lehi, UT

Fortunately, Utah has one of the highest peak sun hour averages in the US, making solar power for homes in Lehi, UT, a worthwhile investment.

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Go Solar in Lehi, Utah

Before you decide to install a solar panel on your roof in Lehi, UT, learn about the process, costs, and benefits. Keep in mind that the experience will be very different between solar companies. Our goal is to provide you the absolute best service, from your initial inquiry all the way through the life of your solar system.

If you’re curious to know how LGCY Power works with homeowners, the first few steps and considerations to understand are laid out for you below.

The Process of Going Solar

Getting installed and active solar power for homes in Lehi, UT, can be an easy and quick process. First, you’ll reach out to a trusted company like LGCY Power and schedule a consultation at your home. Our team will get to know you a bit first—because the details of how you live in your home are actually very important to designing your custom solar system right. Your home and roof will also be inspected during the visit.

You’ll receive a complete design plan with specifications about your custom system. Once it’s perfect (and all of your questions are answered), we handle the rest—from permits to installation.

The Cost

You’ll be happy to know that solar panel installation in Lehi, UT, has become increasingly more affordable over the years, as the price of solar panels has gotten lower. In Utah and across the country, costs for solar can range widely.

The variables you can expect to factor into the costs of solar panels for a house in Lehi, UT, are:

  • The size of your system—roof panels and battery storage
  • How many panels you choose to install
  • What kind of solar panels you choose for your Lehi home
  • What federal and state incentives you are able to take Advantage of and the options of renting versus purchasing.

The Benefits

Many homeowners originally look at solar panels for a house in Lehi, UT, with energy cost savings in mind—but surprisingly, that’s not usually the reason why people actually make the switch to solar.

The real benefits of solar include:

the ability to make your own power
contributing to the power available for your home
a sense of safety knowing you have alternate power on hand
protection against future power shortages
better control over the costs of energy for your home

Why Choose LGCY Power In Lehi, UT

It’s a misconception that all solar panel companies in Lehi, UT, are the same. In truth, LGCY Power has a more customer-centric approach to solar panel installation in Lehi, UT. See what the experience was like for other homeowners here.

Your designed system will be tailored to your home’s needs to earn the most returns on your investment with substantial cost savings. If you want more control over your power, we can also add a solar panel battery in Lehi, UT.

We understand that solar power for homes in Lehi, UT, isn’t a necessity, it’s a luxury. That’s why we offer different plans to make going solar easier and more affordable for everyone. We can help make solar possible for your home—simply schedule an in-home visit and we can start answering your questions and show you what a customized solar system might look like for your home.

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