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Solar Energy in Houston, TX

Getting solar panel installation in Houston, TX, is an excellent move. That’s because the state has sunny weather year-round, and solar gets overwhelming public support from Texans. In Houston, you can take full advantage of the benefits of solar.

Go Solar In Houston, TX

If you’ve been searching for the best solar company in Texas, you’re probably overwhelmed at the options to choose from. What you immediately need to know about going solar is that most of the variables are the same from company to company: panel selection, system pricing, installation methods, etc

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What’s different between solar providers?

Primarily, the experience and service. You’ll want to look at what companies are really focused on your experience from beginning to end.

Choosing to have solar panels for a house in Houston, TX, can be quick and straightforward with the right partner like LGCY Power. Below are a few essential things to know when choosing to add solar power to your home’s energy system.

The Process of Going Solar

To get started with solar panel installation in Houston, TX, reach out to our team. Then, we’ll schedule a visit to your home and assess its suitability for solar energy. Honestly, some roofs have challenges and might not be a great location for solar power. But most homes have ample opportunity to make power from the sun.

After we visit you and learn all about your specific energy needs, we will present a design plan with specifics of your solar installation. If you’re working with a few solar companies to weigh your options, be sure they provide all relevant information, clearly.

Here’s what you can expect from a LGCY Power design and estimate:

  • A custom solar panel design for your roof
  • Expected system production
  • Panel warranty details
  • System costs, including your options for paying for solar
  • A timeline for your project
  • Full details to support system ownership

Our team is ready to answer any other questions you’d like answered. It’s important to us that you understand exactly what you are purchasing, and that you feel supported for the lifetime of your solar system.

After signing the contract, we handle everything—from permits to installation. You don’t have to manage any extra steps—and trust that we will talk you through the process and keep you informed the whole way. That’s how solar should be, so that’s the LGCY Power standard we operate by.

The Cost of Going Solar

Opting for solar power for homes in Houston, TX, will set you back but not as much as before. Today’s average installation and system cost range quite a bit depending on various factors. Expect to pay higher or lower depending on the system size, electricity requirements, and solar panel type installed.

The Benefits of Going Solar

There are many benefits to switching to solar power for homes in Houston, TX, and one of the biggest benefits is certainly savings. Homeowners we talk to are looking for savings in the form of:

  • Protection from rising power costs—so, more control over their power bill
  • A back-up power source, for those who choose to install a battery
  • Alternate power sources
  • The opportunity to get money back for making power on your roof
  • The extra power for high-use times when the standard grid may fluctuate

And so many more benefits that most people don’t think about early on. Feel free to ask us for more details of what you can expect as a solar home owner.

Installing solar panels for roofs in Houston, TX, gives you access to federal tax credits and local net metering programs, essentially giving you power in the bank as part of your solar investment.

Why Choose LGCY Power In Houston, TX

There are many solar panel companies in Houston, TX, but we are among the best. Our award-winning service is the #1 thing that sets us apart. Our reputation for a helpful and honest process has helped drive interest for using LGCY Power solar power homes in Houston, TX.  

When we carry out solar panel installation in Houston, TX, we meet our customers’ home energy needs while helping them save money on utility costs. We offer various financing plans to make going solar more affordable.

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