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Solar Energy in Dallas, TX

Many homeowners consider solar panel installation in Dallas, TX, but they hesitate because they don’t think it can meet their home energy needs. Fortunately, Texas is among the top places in the US for solar energy, thanks to abundant sunshine and a high average of sunny days. But these are just a few of the many reasons why investing in solar power for homes in Dallas, TX, is a good idea.

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Before scheduling a solar panel installation in Dallas, TX, you must know a few things about switching to solar energy.

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The Process of Going Solar

Installing solar panels for roofs in Dallas, TX, is simple, especially when you partner with LGCY Power. After contacting us, we’ll send a team to conduct an in-home consultation and evaluate the suitability of your property for installation.

 We will present a final design plan covering the particulars of the project. Once you agree with the details, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting, including the paperwork and actual installation.

The Cost of Going Solar

The cost of transitioning to solar power for homes in Dallas, TX, is more affordable than ever before.

The cost of a solar system and its installation will vary quite a bit. The figure may be lower or higher depending on numerous factors, such as system size, electrical requirements, and the type of solar panels installed. Also, opting for a solar panel battery in Dallas, TX, can significantly boost energy savings.

The Benefits of Going Solar

Homeowners who installed solar panels for a house in Dallas, TX, get multiple benefits, but the most significant is cost savings. Expect to reduce your energy bills by 40% to 60% up to 20%, allowing you to recoup your investment in just a few years. Plus, you’ll have more control over your energy consumption.  

Why Choose LGCY Power In Dallas, TX

Many solar panel companies in Dallas, TX, have nearly the same offerings, but there’s a reason LGCY Power stands out from the rest. We provide high-quality solar panel installation in Dallas, TX, because we listen to our client’s needs and set up a system that gives the best return on their investment. Also, we have different plans to make going solar easy on your pockets.

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