Solar Panel Installation Portland

Oregon is one of the best states for solar power.

According to a state energy profile published by the EIA, Oregon is among the nation’s leaders in sustainable energy, generating most of its electricity from hydroelectric sources, wind, and biomass.

Solar Energy in Portland, OR

Currently, only 2% of Oregon’s energy comes from solar power, yet it has the potential to lead the way when it comes to this renewable energy source, too.

That’s thanks to 144 days of sunshine annually and exceptionally high standards of renewable energy generation.  

So, if you live in Oregon, and you’d like to harness the most renewable, reliable, and abundant energy source of all, keep reading for more about solar panel installation in Portland.

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The Benefits of Going Solar in Portland

There are several well-known benefits associated with solar electricity generation, but did you realize what a huge impact this innovation has on the environment?

According to the SEIA, solar panel installations currently help reduce carbon emissions by 136 million metric tons every year.  That’s equivalent to planting 2 billion trees or taking 30 million cars off the road.

Environmental benefits aside, you’ll always save money on your utility bills by installing solar at home. Off-grid solar for your home means you’ll never receive an electricity bill again, while a solar lease or PPA guarantees lower prices per kWh. 

With solar electricity, you’ll enjoy a reliable connection that isn’t subject to frustrating power outages.

Solar panels are a physical asset that can last for over 20 years with very little maintenance apart from occasional cleaning. When you pay for conventional fossil-fuel-generated electricity, you don’t have anything to show for it after years of paying bills.

The Process of Going Solar in Portland

The first step when installing solar in Portland is finding a system that meets your needs. You’ll need to meet with a solar company to help you decide between the various solar options and devise a plan for your installation. 

Before you install solar for your home in Portland, Oregon, you must apply for a permit from the city.  Your application should include a to-scale site plan of your system installation, with clear lines and contrasts suitable for scanning.

A structural engineer must sign or stamp any drawings that depict structural information about your solar panel installation.

It takes between three and seven weeks to obtain approval from the city before you can start your installation. 

When you receive approval, you can go ahead with your solar installation according to the approved plan. When complete, a Bureau of Development Services inspector will approve the work and finalize your permit.

Local Solar Resources and Guidelines

There are many Oregon solar guidelines and resources available to those who want to get on board with solar. These include:

You can also browse our website for comprehensive information on all aspects of solar power installations in Oregon.

The Costs of Going Solar in Portland

The cost of installing solar in Portland, Oregon can vary and it depends entirely on your circumstances. These Include:

  • Your daily electricity consumption
  • The amount of sunlight that reaches your roof
  • The type of solar panels you install

Most homeowners in Oregon need 12-16 solar panels, which could cost up to around $18,250.  Many find this initial upfront cost off-putting, despite the long term savings available.

Fortunately, there are ways to save on the cost of your solar panel installation in Oregon. 

The federal tax credit, also known as the solar ITC (investment tax credit) allows you to deduct 26% of your solar installation costs from your taxes in the same year. This decreases to 22% in 2023, and 10% in 2024.

There is currently no tax incentive offered for solar installations from 2025 onward. 

If you can’t afford to pay the initial setup fee, you can apply for solar financing to help you cope. 

Other incentives offered in the state of Oregon include:

  • Attractive rebates on solar and solar storage solutions of up to $2,500
  • Portland General Electric (PGE) upfront rebate of $1,200 
  • Pacific Power upfront rebate of $900 

What’s more, Portland encourages net-metering, which means you receive a credit on your bill for any excess electricity your solar panels return to the grid in Oregon.

Why Choose LGCY Power to Go Solar?

When you work with the right solar power provider, it’s easy to get the best benefits of solar energy in Portland.

At LGCY solar, we pride ourselves on outstanding, bespoke customer service. So, it’s ready to work with us and enjoy the benefits of solar power quickly and affordably. 

Thanks to our longstanding partnerships with solar manufacturers, we can offer some of the best prices for Oregon solar installations.

LGCY Power is an approved Oregon Energy Trust solar trade ally contractor, which means we will also ensure you get the rebates you’re entitled to. 

Before we get started installing your home solar system, we’ll schedule one of our professional energy consultants to meet with you virtually or in person at your home.

They’ll evaluate your home’s energy needs, discuss your home’s potential for solar generation, and advise you on the most cost-effective option for your solar. We provide this service free of charge to all our potential customers. 

Once we’ve determined your needs, we can offer you access to the most suitable solar ownership, solar loan, solar PPA, or solar lease agreements available in Oregon. 

When you’ve made your decision, you fill out an application form, and we’ll schedule your solar project with the best solar installer in your area. 

You don’t need to do a thing. We will even take care of the necessary permitting on your behalf.  

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With LGCY Power at your side, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of an affordable solar panel installation in Portland.

Our experienced technicians will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible benefit from your solar panel installation.  

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