Solar Panel Installation in Orlando, Florida

It’s always sunny in Florida, which is why it’s known as the Sunshine State.

And if you’re considering a solar panel installation in Orlando, FL, that could be a smart investment, considering the city is one of the sunniest in the country. Furthermore, solar power for homes in Orlando, FL, is even easier with the many incentives available.

Go Solar in Orlando, Florida

Getting solar panel installation in Orlando, FL, is a significant financial commitment, but how do you know it’s right for you? Below is a guide to help you decide on making the switch to solar power for your Orlando home.

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The Process of Going Solar

Getting solar panels for a house in Orlando, FL, has become easier, especially with the rising number of installers. When working with a trusted solar company like LGCY Power, expect a fuss-free, seamless journey from consultation to installation.

 We’ll visit your property to assess its compatibility and requirements for a solar energy system. Once you approve our design plan, we’ll proceed with the installation, and you’ll have solar panels within days. 

The Cost of Going Solar

Setting up a solar panel for roofs in Orlando, FL, comes with a lower cost than previous years due to decreasing panel prices. The average installation cost in the city ranges based on system size, type of solar panels, financial incentives, and purchasing options.

The Benefits of Going Solar

The biggest motivation for many homeowners to go solar is to lower their utility bills. Most LGCY Power clients enjoy monthly savings, as well as predictability on their current electric and energy bills. Florida Power & Light has a net metering program that lets you earn credits from sending surplus energy to the public grid.  

Cost savings may be even higher if you add a solar panel battery in Orlando, FL, allowing you to use stored energy and be independent longer.

Why Choose LGCY Power in Orlando, FL

LGCY Power is among the most trusted solar panel companies in Orlando, FL, but there’s a reason we’re preferred by many. When it comes to solar panel installation in Orlando, FL, we listen carefully to customer needs before devising a plan that gives them the best return on investment.

 We also offer multiple financing plans that make shifting to solar power for homes in Orlando, FL, more affordable. So, you can start saving without spending a lot.

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