Solar Panel Installation in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is one of the best states for solar power.

As one of the sunniest places on the continent, Phoenix and the rest of Arizona are a haven for solar energy. According to SEIA, Arizona is the 5th ranked state for solar (up from 12th in 2021), generating over 9% of its electricity from solar.

Solar Energy in Phoenix, AZ

Solar panel installation will make your home more efficient, saving you money on your electric bill. Beyond that, you’ll be helping to reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

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What is the Cost to Go Solar in Phoenix, Arizona?

The average cost of installing solar panels on your home can vary quite a bit. There are numerous factors that determine the cost, like the system size and the types of solar panels you decide to buy.

Large homes that require a lot of energy are going to need more solar panels to offset their usage. Higher power-density solar panels will cost more to install, as will choosing black cells over the traditional blue-celled panels. What kind of inverter you get (string, micro, or power optimizer) will affect the cost as well.

It’s important not to only look at the cost of equipment. Higher-quality equipment is going to yield better results and save you more money in the long run. Getting your panels from a reputable solar power company in Phoenix will ensure that you’re always getting the highest quality product that gives you the best solar yield.

How You Can Offset the Costs With Incentives?

The cost of solar panels has steadily been dropping. The up-front number doesn’t give you the whole picture, however.

You can slash the cost of your solar panels by looking at federal, state, and local solar incentives. In many cases, solar panel owners can apply for a federal investment tax credit, which allows you to deduct a percentage of the total cost of installing your solar panels on your federal taxes.

In Arizona, there’s also a state tax credit that allows many to deduct a further 25% on state taxes. Being able to halve your solar panel system installation cost makes going solar affordable. 

When you combine the amount of money you’ll be saving on your monthly electric bill with these federal and state incentives, you can hit that coveted break-even point sooner than later.

The Process of Installing Solar

Many people wonder what the process of going solar entails – it’s far less complicated than you may think. The first thing you’ll do is find a quality solar installer in Phoenix. At LGCY Power, we’re one of the Phoenix area’s top-quality solar installers.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll contact us to discuss your solar needs. We’ll get the necessary information to determine which solar panels and how many of them you’ll need to offset your energy usage. 

Next, you’ll complete a site survey with your solar installer. Most residential solar systems are installed on the roof of the house, but if you want a standalone one, you can work with your installer to do what’s best for your household.

Once you’ve hatched an installation plan, you’ll get the building permits to start work on your home. The actual installation will only take a day or two, then you’ll be up and running with your brand new solar panel system.

As long as you’ve got a solar installer that you can trust, they’ll walk you through this entire process. Contact us today to learn more about our solar panels and the installation process.

Looking At the Benefits of Going Solar

There are countless benefits to going solar in Phoenix. One of the biggest is the fact that Phoenix has so much more sun exposure than the average US city. A solar panel system can function no matter how sunny or grey it is out, but it certainly helps to capture pure sunlight.

The more effective your solar panels are, the more energy you’ll generate. If you can completely offset your energy bill, you can lower your expenses and start making money. 

Money savings isn’t the only benefit of going solar. If you’re someone who is passionate about the environment and the effect that climate change is having on the planet, going solar is a huge plus. 

American households release 5.43 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. A huge portion of this carbon output is due to the electricity it takes to power our lights and appliances. By eliminating this source of carbon, you can do your part to lower your carbon footprint.

A solar panel system is also safer than using the power grid. When the power goes out and you’re attached to the grid, you’re at the mercy of the utility company’s ability to turn it back on. Solar panel owners won’t even notice that there was an outage because they’re completely self-sufficient.

Solar Panel Installation in Phoenix

When you Google, “solar panel installation in Phoenix”, you’ll see that LGCY Power is your best option. We’re the top-quality residential solar panel installer in all of Phoenix and we can help you realize your dreams of going solar.

To learn more about our products and installation services, visit our site today. When you’re ready to talk to one of our dedicated professionals about installing solar panels on your home, contact us for a free consultation. In just a few short days, you could be living off of solar, saving money and the planet at the same time.

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