Purchase your solar panels and wipe out your power bill.

Say goodbye to your electric bill. If done properly and your roof has enough space with a solar purchase you can make a one time payment for your solar system and not have another electric bill (besides minor connection fees in some cases) for the next 25 years. If eligible you’ll receive the federal tax credit and any other state or utility specific rebates. The system comes with panel, inverter, workmanship, and roof penetration warranties. The only downside is if damages to your solar system came from an act of God or act of man incident you would have to pay for the repairs. Usually those damages are covered by your home owner’s insurance, though, and so it should be minimal to no additional cost to you.

We’ll guide you through the simple process below and you’ll be enjoying the benefits for your Solar Purchase in no time!

  1. See if you and your home qualify for the program.
  2. Schedule your no-obligation site- survey. We will collect measurements and photos of your roof to give to our team of design engineers.
  3. Review your system design with your LGCY Power representative
  4. We will submit and pay for all permitting with your local building department.
  5. Schedule your system install (typically 1-2 days)
  6. Your system is inspected by your local utility.
  7. Turn on your system and start producing your own power!

Fill out the form below or contact one of our representatives today to see if you qualify!

System Owner: Solar You

  • No monthly payment
  • Maintenance options available
  • Product & workmanship warranty
  • Benefits from tax credits and incentives
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