The Power to Save

LGCY Power to Sell Sunrun Solar Lease in South Carolina


As a Sunrun Certified Partner, LGCY Power will begin selling a Sunrun solar lease to customers in South Carolina.

Solar is making headway in the Southeast, and South Carolina is taking the lead. Today we’re announcing that Sunrun is the first to offer solar leasing to homeowners. With our solar lease, also known as BrightSave, South Carolina residents now have the choice to go solar and begin saving immediately on their electric bills with little to no money down. Homeowners simply pay for the power, not the panels.

What is the BrightSave Solar Lease in South Carolina?

You don’t have to purchase a panel system in order to go solar. Contact a LGCY Power representative to hear more about a PPA or a solar lease.




From Summer Sales to Solar

As a Man Thinketh – LGCY Power from LGCY Power on Vimeo.

Cody Peters, Solar Sales Manager for LGCY Power’s Boston office shares his experience of transitioning from summer sales to solar sales.

“I got to the point where I was kind of older, and my kids were a little bit older, and it was tough. It was tough to move every few months. I was given an opportunity to run the market out here in Boston . . . What I’m building here for my family, what I’m building here for the community, it feels great knowing that I can put down my roots and really build something that’s going to last.”