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A Hot Question: Are Solar Panels Worth It in Arizona?

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself: How much do solar panels cost in Arizona? And are they even worth it?

Arizona receives — on average — about 3,800 hours of sunlight every year, which makes it the sunniest state in the country.

Pretty interesting, right? But wait, because we’re not done yet!

Yuma — a small city with a population just shy of 220,000 that’s located in southwestern Arizona — has been crowned the sunniest city in the world!

Take that Los Angeles!

All this to say that, yes, solar panels are definitely worth it in Arizona.

And if you stick with us through this article, you’ll find out why we highly recommend that you consider solar panels for your home.

Why Choose Solar Power?

There are many advantages to going solar, it’s something that every Arizona homeowner can benefit from — and as a result — should know about. But we want you to feel comfortable and confident making the transition.

So if you find yourself still on the fence asking: why choose solar power?

Here are a few reasons that will cool your suspicions and heat your desire!

Arizona Will Fund a Quarter of the Cost

The government of Arizona provides solar tax premiums to people who install solar panels on their homes. A solar energy credit is what it is commonly referred to as.

This credit can be used to cover the cost of a $1000 solar panel by up to 25%.

Additionally, the credit is also valid toward other panel systems such as lightning, cooling, as well as electricity.

Uncle Sam Will Give Another 30%

Who would have thought? But yes, it’s true! The federal government is dishing out a 30% tax credit to the wise and well-informed homeowners who decide solar is the way to go.

But it’s best to get in on it as soon as possible since that tax credit is set to discontinue in 2022.

Solar Power Reduces Water Heating Costs

Did you know that the simple act of heating up water can actually make up a large chunk of your energy bill?

Your water heater is one of the biggest users of energy among all of your other home appliances. In fact, it’s responsible for close to 17% of your overall energy consumption.

But with solar panel installation, you can use your newly acquired solar energy to heat your water, saving yourself both power and money.

Arizona is the Sunniest State in the Country

Move over Florida, Arizona is the real sunshine state! There is a near-infinite supply of warm, radiant, and natural light that is centralized in this corner of the country.

And this abundance of sunshine makes Arizona is one of the best regions for solar power.

On top of that, solar power holds the trump card over traditional forms of energy as it will never run out (at least not in our lifetime anyway).

Moreover, getting on the bandwagon now can result in huge gains later.

We can generate an inordinate amount of power in Arizona via solar panels. Theoretically, we can produce 1752kwh every year for 1kw of panels installed on our homes.

Sounds like a pretty good trade-off, doesn’t it?

Eliminating Electric Bills

We want you to be self-reliant, we also want you to have more money in your pocket. And adding solar panels to your home is the perfect way to help accomplish those aims!

So if you’re still asking yourself: Are solar panels worth it in Arizona? Then this last point will not only answer that but will also make it as clear as day!

With solar panels, we’re able to completely eliminate our electric bill. This is because solar energy allows us to generate our own power.

And this, of course, means we’ll no longer have to rely on the electricity provided by utility companies.

There are some Arizona solar providers that will charge a nominal fee, but the savings you accrue will far outweigh this tiny payment.

Generally speaking, most panels can last for 30 years, which means you’ll be saving a lot of cash in electric bills for a very long time!

That’s a shockingly pleasant realization, wouldn’t you say?

The Costs for Upkeep Are Low

It doesn’t require a whole lot of effort to maintain solar panels. In fact, just a few scrub downs a year is all it takes to keep the panels working effectively and efficiently.

With the hectic schedules we all have in our lives, this is a big benefit that will save time and energy.

The simplicity alone when it comes to their maintenance is a feature that makes solar panels a very attractive option.

Solar Power is Not Harmful to the Environment

Pollution is no longer an issue when you switch to solar. This transition allows us to generate our own power from the energy of the sun, which means the environment will be spared.

Compare this to the alternatives that we used to (or in some cases, still) presently use — namely, gas and coal.

Those alternatives harm the environment with the constant upkeep of dangerous powerlines as well as the carbon emissions emitted from power plants, etc.

That is not a sustainable way to live, for two reasons. One; coal and other fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. And two; it’s damaging to the environment.

However, with solar panels, those concerns are a thing of the past.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Yes, the value of your home increases based on the number of panels you have.  The value of your property can go up by about $6000 for each 1kw panel installed.

This can inflate the overall value of your home by as much as 4%!

Contemporary solar panels will obviously be more valuable than those that have been around for a while because over time, they eventually will begin to degenerate.

The enhancement in value of the home will be based on a few factors such as the demand for panels, the number of panels that have been installed, as well as the value of the property itself.

And solar panels don’t just make a home more valuable, they also carry the added benefit of selling a home faster.

In this day and age, there are many environmentally conscious home buyers who are more conscientious than ever before.

Some people even actively look for properties with solar panels due to their environmental values.

Therefore, homes with panels can attract people who are trying to go green while also attempting to cut costs and save energy.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Arizona?

Now, to answer one of the most heated questions of this article (pun intended). What is the price of having solar panels installed on our homes in Arizona?

The medium solar panel costs in Arizona are around $16,000.

This price is determined by the installation of a medium-sized 6000-watt panel system. And this is also before subtracting the 26% tax credit as well as any other encouragements or incentives.

Update: In August 2022, the solar tax credit was increased to 30% and extended through 2032.

Of course, this is just a general estimate. This number will fluctuate on a case-by-case basis due to a multitude of factors (number of panels we want, how much energy our home needs to operate, etc).

Solar Panel Industry Updates For September

New developments are constantly emerging in the solar energy industry. And it’s in our best interest to stay up to date on the current trends as this will help us stay well-informed.

Here are a few trending topics taking place in the industry to be aware of:

Solas Energy Signs For California Energy Projects (09/17/2021)

Solas Energy has implemented a second sequence of contracts to encourage project management and construction services for the Edwards Solar project. Solas has supplied bid management assistance since 2019.

Once complete, the project will be the world’s biggest battery solar-powered project.

Supplying 760MW of solar power as well as 2445MWh of energy storage, this project, when it’s all said and done, is expected to generate energy for more than 158,000 homes.

Public Service Corporation in Oklahoma Imparts Solar RFP (Request for Proposal, 09/15/2021)

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma has imparted a draft solar power sale agreement request for proposal. All in an effort to gain up to 1350MW of solar power assets via a variety of sales arrangements.

Proposals have a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) as one option. Proposals are to be assessed on criteria laid out in the last 2021 power sales agreement RFP.

FTC Solar Launches New Solar Tracker for Design Modules (09/15/2021)

FTC Solar has released Voyager+. A novel 2p design solar power tracker that works to enhance energy while at the same time decreasing equipment as well as the manpower previously needed for installment.

This tracker optimizes energy creation levels. Presently, FTC has about 1GW of Voyager+ under contract or installed.

Are You Ready to Go Solar?

Solar panels are the way of the future for not just businesses and corporations, but also for regular everyday homeowners such as yourself.

So if you’re still asking: How much do solar panels cost in Arizona? That may be the wrong question. A more suitable question may be: What am I leaving on the table if I don’t get solar panels?

With that in mind, if you’re ready to make the switch and go solar, we’re here to help!

Send us a message today to get a free quote on your home! We look forward to hearing from you!

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