I love my solar, it looks cool, it saves us money and my little girls know the importance of helping the environment.
– Katia S Apopka, Florida

I went solar to protect my grandchildren’s world. I am 87 years old and if I can help them breathe easier, live better, that’s my responsibility. Lgcy power was easy to work with, handled everything and we were using the sun in 29 days.
– Walter Destoff Arroyo Grand, California

We always thought solar was a good idea. It wasn’t until Lgcy power knocked on our door that we realized how easy it was to do. We love our solar and the savings, we also think the customer service is outstanding.
– Xin Liu Arroyo Grande, California

When I first got solar panels I was a bit skeptical. I just knew I was about to waste money. Then this pandemic hit and when I got my March electric bill it said $0.00 due. I couldn’t help but think this was great and I did make a good choice going solar. It’s now September. I’m still working, luckily from home, and no electric bill payment still. That is a blessing since they cut my hours and pay for work. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in saving money to get solar panels.
– Shawna Coleman Cypress TX