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Greg Butterfield Joins LGCY Power as Chairman of the Board

Greg Butterfield

LEHI, Utah, Nov. 15, 2017 — LGCY Power (LGCY), a Sunrun Certified Partner, today announced that Greg Butterfield has joined the company as Chairman of the Board.

Butterfield brings more than 25 years of strategic experience to one of the fastest growing solar companies in the United States, and as chairman, will focus on driving continued business growth for the Sunrun Certified Partner.

“We are in business to make a positive impact on our customers and employees, and Greg will help us continue to pave that path,” said Doug Robinson, CEO of LGCY Power.

Butterfield has been involved in multiple executive, board and advisory roles, including with Omniture, which was acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion and as CEO of software firm Altiris, which had a successful IPO, and was later acquired by Symantec for $1.2 billion. Most recently, Butterfield served as CEO of Vivint Solar (NYSE:VSLR) and as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Utah Valley University, the largest university in Utah.

“LGCY is innovating with sales programs, technology and processes that no other sales organization can match while making a real, measurable difference toward creating a planet run by the sun,” said Butterfield. “Couple that with our mission to provide an extraordinary customer experience, to help our people become the best version of themselves, and to encourage our employees to help others, and it’s no wonder LGCY is one of the fastest growing companies in the top job market in the nation.”

Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich added the following:

“We are delighted to have Greg Butterfield join forces within the Sunrun family,” said Lynn Jurich, CEO of Sunrun. “His experience and business leadership will help accelerate the continued success of LGCY Power and the shift toward cleaner, more affordable power.”

LGCY Power
LGCY Power was named one of the Emerging 8 companies in Utah, A Best Place to Work by and Utah Business, and is focused on providing an extraordinary solar experience for customers in the United States. By offering a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional electricity, LGCY assists residential homeowners by providing solar power at little to no upfront cost. A Sunrun Certified Partner (Nasdaq:RUN), LGCY has grown to offices in 16 states with headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

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VP, Marketing

Getting to Know LGCY Power: Damian Peterson

In this week’s blog entry, we wanted to help everyone get a little familiar with some of the amazing staff we have here at LGCY Power. In this installment of our employee spotlight, we’re proud to introduce you to Damian Peterson, the VP of Sales Operations.

damian peterson

Damian has been with LGCY since nearly day one. Coming on in September of 2014, he was employee #2 and has witnessed considerable amounts of growth while being with the company. He graduated from Utah State University with a major in finance and a minor in economics.

Q: What is a typical day at the office?
A: I stay busy with meetings and correlation. I am over a number of departments and stay in constant contact with various managers and department heads. I also coordinate all the sales podcasts and media, so I work very close with marketing. Between managing staff and getting the stuff done that I need to, there’s also always some big project going on. I also work close with the tech side because a lot of our competitions and projects are done by the tech team. It keeps me busy and lets me work with a lot of people, which are both things I love.

Q: What motivates you?
A: There’s a hashtag Doug Robinson [founder of LGCY Power] uses on social media a lot, and it’s #BuildingIsEnergizing. Being in the company since the ground stages, I’ve helped build a lot of things. We’ve grown exponentially since, and we’re continuing to grow and that’s what motivates me. If you look at the company now compared to what it was two years ago when I started, we’ve come a long way.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment since working at LGCY?
A: I would say development as a person. When I came on, I’d sold door-to-door for five years. During that, I graduated in Finance with a minor in Economics. I started, and I initially was doing reporting and other finance things, and then I started to get some staff underneath me. Then I took on competitions, then events, and so on. Every time I’ve taken something on, it’s been an opportunity for me to grow and to learn to branch out. In the culture of LGCY, becoming the best version of yourself is what everyone pushes for, and LGCY has helped me get on the right path to becoming the best version of myself. We’re still a start-up, and there’s so much to do, but when you get in your hand in everything, you see so much growth.

Q: Who is your hero?
A: I’d say my mom. My family has gone through some trials recently, and she’s been a champ through the whole thing. She’s always been there for my brothers and I, as well as my sister. How she finds the time to work all the hours she works and still find time for all of us in the family is unreal. She gets a lot of stuff done, and it’s awesome.

Q: What is the last book you read?
A: Above the Line by Urban Meyer. Great book. I recommend it.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A: I like to go outdoors and boating. I also used to coach crossfit at a gym. My wife and I like to travel and go to concerts, but mostly it’s just going outside. I hate the wintertime. In the wintertime, I just coup myself up and work.