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27 Unique Ideas to Put a Little Sunshine into Someone’s Holiday Season

The decade is getting near the closing bell, and so is the 2019 holiday season. As we celebrate another trip around the sun together, our favorite service idea to mother earth is to go solar but we also have 27 other unique ideas of ways you can make an impact in your neighborhood and community.

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1. Get together cans of food or buy cans and take it to the local homeless shelter
2. Visit the elderly in an old folks home (talk with them, sing for them).
3. Get a name from a giving tree at a mall and buy presents for that person
4. Make treats and deliver them to neighbors
5. Talk to someone you don’t usually talk to at work and get to know them.
6. Compliment a stranger
7. Call up a family member and talk to them about their day
8. Make a goal to tell everyone Merry Christmas. Telemarketers. People you don’t like, etc.. Everyone.
9. Go to the dollar store with a $20 bill, and tell the cashier to pay for as many people’s purchases as possible. $20 goes a long way at the dollar store.
10. Make extra food and take it to a neighbor.
11. Pay someone’s electric bill and tell them about solar.
12. Grab a few friends, knock on stranger’s doors and ask if you can sing them a Christmas song.
13. Tip your server more than usual.
14. Leave a FILLED Christmas pinata on someone’s front door.
15. Leave a basket of treats (Rice Krispy treats, granola bars, juice boxes, water, candy bars) on your porch with a sign thanking the mail, UPS and FEDEX delivery people for their hard work delivering during this time of year.
16. Go through kids toys or your clothes and donate to a local Thrift Store or local charities.
17. Pass out candy canes to those you are in line with at the grocery store.
18. Go to your local Fire Station and bring them treats and a thank you note.
19. Write at least one thing a day in a notebook or journal that made you happy.
20. Shovel someone’s driveway if you are in a snowy area or sweep their porch if not.
21. Like and positively COMMENT on social media posts of people you follow. Maybe even send a direct message to some telling them how wonderful they are.
22. Handwrite notes to people
23. Call (DON’T TEXT) some of your family / friends and catch up.
24. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.
25. Smile at five strangers
26. Ask someone “How are you really doing?”—and then really listen to their response.
27. Meet an especially helpful customer service worker? Tell their manager.

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